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Hometown: ocean city, nj Current Label: Candlelight Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Current Studio: N Jameson: vocals, A. Poole: guitar D. Zdanavage: guitar, D. Sykes: bass, J. Dost: drums

Krieg Bio:

The urban blight of the mind and soul...

Founded in 1995 Krieg has changed from primitive and chaotic black metal influenced by early US and Finnish bands to a churning cacophony of modern black metal, crust punk, and experimental noise. Over forty releases have been documented on various formats including many split recordings with bands from Caina to Nunslaughter. Krieg is currently preparing to tour and begin work on the seventh full length titled "Transient". Imperial is also a part of several other projects including Twilight (with Leviathans Wrest, Nachtmystium's B Judd, Atlas Moth's Stavros G and Thurston Moore) The Royal Arch Blaspheme (with Profanatica's John Gelso) and Lithotome as well as numerous guest appearances and various collaborations.

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