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Hometown: Volta Redonda, Brazil Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Adriano Krueger - V/G, Thomas Abrantes - G, Zé Carlos Krueger - B, William Arantes - D

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Influenced by Death, Pestilence (HO), Obituary, Slayer (old) Kreator (old) and others, Krueger began in 1987 with the idea of producing a heavy, aggressive, melodic, raw, real and extreme sound. The word 'Krueger' is a name of a family and was chosen due to its strong pronunciation. . The word Krueger took the meaning of struggle and resistance on behalf of the heavy sound and in the name of integrity and human evolution. In German, Krieger means warrior. Krueger is also the name of one of the first beer cans sold in the world.

The first demo, 'The Lord of Death' was released in 1991 and was distributed only to fans, friends, brothers from other bands, fanzines and people who came into contact. The second demo was released in 1995, featuring 5 live tracks including My Picture, The Real Side, Subconscious Visions, Low Life (Death) and Twisted Truth (Pestilence-HO). The first full-length album, Turn on to Death, was released in 2001 and contains ten tracks of pure Death Metal Traditional of the eighties, for all lovers of underground music. In 2002 was released the EP Bloody K, with live songs and 3 unreleased studio songs. In 2003 the Polish label Time before Time released a split tape with Krueger and Sanctifier, entitled In Mayhen in and Destruction.

Krueger moved its headquarters to Rio de Janeiro in 1998 and made several presentations with many bands, including Krisiun, Chakal, Nervochaos, Hate Eternal and others. In 2010, Krueger built a small studio, The Cave, in the mountains of Volta Redonda, RJ, and moved its headquarters again. In 2014 will be released the second album, entitled Return to Death, which symbolizes the beginning of a new era, with a greater fixation on their Death Metal roots.

Total support to the Metal brotherhood throughout the world! Hail, Metal Brothers!

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