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L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns
Hometown: Los Angeles, California Current Label: Cleopatra Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Phil Lewis - Vocals
Frankie Wilsey - Guitar
Scott Griffin - Bass
Steve Riley - Drums

L.A. Guns Bio:

L.A. Guns broke onto the scene in 1987 with their debut album “L.A. Guns” under Polygram Records. With their talented ensemble (including Traci Guns, Phil Lewis from Girl, and Steve Riley from W.A.S.P.), L.A. Guns quickly rose up the ranks among Sunset Strip’s elite. Their debut album has gone on to sell over 1,000,000 records worldwide.

The band began touring worldwide with acts like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and Def Leppard. As their popularity grew, a demand for a second album followed. And in 1989, L.A. Guns recorded and released “Cocked and Loaded.” With a bevy of hits that included “Rip and Tear,” “Never Enough,” and “Ballad of Jayne,” L.A. Guns successfully followed up their debut EP with an undeniable 80’s classic.

Alongside their musical success, the band consistently released popular music videos that garnered the band multiple Gold Video Awards. And since the release of “Cocked and Loaded,” sales have toppled the 1,000,000 mark, marking the band’s second platinum album.

Following another successful world tour, the band went back into the studio to record their third album, titled “Hollywood Vampires.” Released in 1991, the album included popular tracks like “Kiss My Love Goodbye” and “Over The Edge” — the latter of which was featured in cult-classic “Point Break.”

The band continued their success throughout the 90’s with successive albums and world tours. “Vicious Circle,” “American Hardcore,” and “Shrinking Violet,” saw L.A. Guns evolve as artists. And touring with the likes of Poison, Ratt, and others, some original members began to branch off and start solo projects. The band saw the sudden departure of mainstays like Phil Lewis and bassist Kelly Knickles, however L.A. Guns pushed forward.

In 1999, all five original members reunited and released a greatest hits album titled “Black Beauties” which included five new tracks. Staying to the tune of their decade of dominance, the band continued to tour, never missing a beat. In 2001 they released their sixth album “Man in the Moon.” A memorable 25-city, Hard Rock Café tour followed. The release of “Man in the Moon” grabbed the eye and ear of legendary producer Andy Johns of Led Zeppelin and Van Halen fame.

With the incorporation of Johns to L.A. Guns, an inevitable musical progression became imminent. The band’s newfound heavy sound is best displaying on its 2002 album, “Waking the Dead.” With rave reviews from around the world, the band was back in the spotlight. Yet, amidst the plans for another world tour, lead guitarist Tracii Guns stepped away from the spotlight.

L.A. Guns quickly replaced Guns with Canada’s own Stacey Blades. With his distinct sound and 80s hard-rock persona, the band didn’t lose momentum and the transition was swift and smooth.

Over the course of the next few years, Andy Johns and L.A. Guns worked together exclusively. In 2004 they released “Rips the Covers Off” and in 2005 the band’s last studio album, “Tales from the Strip,” hit store shelves. The band continued to release great music that impressed critics, contemporaries, and the fans.

Since 2005 the band has released a live album titled “Loud and Dangerous,” and in 2009, L.A. Guns celebrated the 20th anniversary of Cocked and Loaded by playing the album in its entirety live.

In 2011, L.A. Guns has stayed on the road, playing shows across the county and the world. Featuring Phil Lewis, Steve Riley, Stacey Blades, and Scott Griffin, and with their sights set on a new album, the band is stronger than ever.

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