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Hometown: Germany Current Label: Pure Legend Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Nuno Miguel de Barros Fernandes- vocals
Markus "Ulle" Ullrich- guitars
Kai "Schinde" Schindelar- bass
Richie "Richer" Seibel- keyboards
Jurgen "Gen" Schrank- drums

Lanfear Bio:

The band was founded in 1993 and released five albums so far – all of them critically acclaimed.
LANFEAR play powerful and melodic Metal with a progressive edge. Originality, subliminal details and intelligent songwriting combined with haunting melodies and the constant urge to evolve – that’s what it’s all about!
Certainly not the easy way to success in the superficial pseudo-scene of these days - but LANFEAR don’t give a fuck!

No breakdowns, no kilts, no horns, no make up, no swords, no rockstar-dom, no support by mass media – no hot air!
It's the music that matters!
LANFEAR play 100% underrated Metal exclusively!

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