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Hometown: Seattle, WA Current Label: Translation Loss Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Arran McInnis - Guitars
Dan LaRochelle - Guitars
Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy - Bass/Vocals
Dorando Hodous - Drums

Lesbian Bio:

Consisting of guitarists Arran McInnis and Daniel La Rochelle, bassist/vocalist Dorando Hodous and drummer Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy, LESBIAN has grown accustomed to composing lengthy eclectic journeys that take the listener through myriad genres ranging anywhere from doom to prog to psyche to 70s rock to black metal to grunge and beyond. Forestelevison continues LESBIAN'S music genre-defying journey from their prior full-length on Holy Mountain Records called "Power Hor," a split 10" with Ocean on Roadburn Records, a self-released two song tour EP, and a second full-length on Important Records called "Stratospheria Cubensis."

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