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Lightning Swords of Death

Lightning Swords of Death
Hometown: Los Angeles, California Current Label: Metal Blade Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Roskva - Guitars
Menno - Bass
Autarch - Vocals
M.Vega - Drums

Lightning Swords of Death Bio:

It began seven years ago when a pact was made within a dilapidated house hidden in Southern California. It was here that Autarch, Roskva and Menno found themselves in agreement that should the occult sciences be applied to music, the results would prove extremely dangerous to their sanity, yet yield spectacular results. LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, as they would name it, would be in itself a meticulously designed hyper-sigil constructed to direct and antagonize the limitless dark energy that lurks within the less navigable chasms of the human mind and the space between spaces.

In 2007 the band unleashed The Golden Plague upon the earth. This declaration of unholy war was well-received and inspired a tour of the west coast and north western blocks of the United States. Audiences witnessed performances by men possessed by insane devils. LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH live continuously proved to be a conqueror’s fury leaving an ashen stain on every stage they destroyed. The tour began sharing battleground with bands like Nachtmystium and High On Fire and concluded with LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH opening for Danzig during the mighty Blackest Of The Black tour. Said Decibel magazine of The Golden Plague, "I truly wanted to know how USBM crew LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH get their sound. It's seriously crushing and vicious and yet it sounds like it's 10 miles away. Or 10 miles underground. Uncanny. You know, it's an art sounding this fucked up. …’Let This Knife Lead You To Us’ has a riff worth killing for." SOD magazine simply called it "a torrent of anguish" while Pit added, "LSOD leave no face un-ripped with a blackened death approach that puts as much importance on memorable hooks and downtrodden groove as it does on blast beat blaspheme." The second release took the form of a split CD with comrades Valdur which was only available for a limited time at performances during the country wide 2008 Blodhevn tour. Metal Maniacs called LSOD’s part a "heavy, bestial and brutal assault bringing to mind a young and hungry Thornspawn.” The split continues to infect all who experience its unyielding expression of true chaos, but it’s only a precursor of the grand and terrible horror that is looming in the future like a headsman's shadow…

Enter 2009; LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH signed a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records and continued to push their brand of brazen black metal through their DYI attitude, getting multiple tracks on the PSP game UNDEAD KNIGHTS as well as a track featured on the soundtrack for the horror/thriller movie Stepfather (October 2009). LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH budding reputation as a relentless and must see black metal act also earned the band a coveted spot on the Evangelia Amerika Tour, headlined by Behemoth and joined by Septicflesh of Greece, which kicked off in January 2010. In anticipation of the release of the band’s debut Metal Blade album The Extra Dimensional Wound, the band will be touring the western and southern US during March of 2010 with none other than Kreator, Kataklysm, Evile and Lazarus A.D.!

The Extra Dimensional Wound was recorded in Corona, CA at Trench Studios with Roska from the band producing and John Haddad handling engineering duties, and was mixed and mastered by Sverker “Necro” Widgren at Necromorbus Studios in Stockholm Sweden.

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