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Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee Current Label: Profound Lore Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Mike Meacham: Vocals / Guitar,
John Anderson: Bass,
Jay LeMaire: Drums,
Tim Lewis: Guitars

Loss Bio:

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee and having formed in 2004, LOSS have built a reputation as one of the most dominant funeral/death doom metal bands in the underground over the years...

This inception began with their “Conceptual Funeralism” rehearsal/demo which made its way through underground channels and was followed by their next demo entitled “Life Without Hope… Death Without Reason”, a demo which made its rounds likewise and would eventually be released as the band’s official debut EP. Said EP would solidify LOSS as one of the premiere funeral/death doom metal bands to hail from the States and the band would continue releasing material that would come in the form of several split EPs, most notably the split they did with occult dark metal gods NECROS CHRISTOS, the split they did with German funeral doom legends WORSHIP, and the Four Burials four way split LOSS shared with likeminded doom metal bands MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, ORTHODOX, and OTESANEK.

“Despond” is the bands long-awaited official debut full-length album, an album that has literally been years in the making and is finally manifesting itself after the band have endured many personal trials, tribulations, and curses marred upon them. During the writing process of the album, leading up to the inevitable recording, it seemed some sort of force was determined to not make such an album happen, through the pain and depression the band members were constantly succumbing to. But nonetheless, through all of this, LOSS have created a funeral doom masterpiece, one of the most emotionally draining funeral doom metal albums ever conceived.

LOSS are a band driven by depression, anxiety, illness, despair, fear, and pain. Through their dirge-like riffs, melodic mournful melodies, low-end frequencies, funeral-procession like drumming, and the very guttural vocals, “Despond” is an album that will serve as the soundtrack to a funeral march towards ruin, decay, and utter oblivion.

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