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Hometown: Los Angeles, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Tlaloc - Bass
Temoc - Vocals
Cuitlahua - Guitar
Mixcoatl - Guitar
Itzcoatl - Drums

Mictlantecuhtli Bio:

The journey into the realm of Mictlan began in 1999 when the warriors Cuauhtemoc, Cuitlahuac, Itzcoatl, Tlaloc, and Colotl took on the arduous task of capturing the essence of the lifelong battles that a warrior must endure prior to reaching Mictlan. The group began to mold what was to become their signature sound in backyards across Southern California. In this same year, Mictlantecuhtli released an extremely limited self-titled demo tape featuring 3 tracks.

Building up some momentum, the band began to play small clubs as the opening act for bands such as Monstrosity and Transmetal. On May 21 of 2000, Mictlantecuhtli had the honor of opening up for the legendary Immortal on their very first appearance in the U.S. The band’s steady progression brought on the attention of a new, small record label named Quadrivium Records. The band would sign an agreement with that label that guaranteed them a spot on an upcoming compilation CD Quadrivium Promotional CD 2000 and the release of their debut album under this record label.

The band received a great boost in exposure as the promotional CD was released worldwide. With more and more people realizing the potential of Mictlantecuhtli, the group eagerly wrapped up writing for their debut album and was eager to begin the recording process. Mictlantecuhtli soon began working with a local producer and all seemed to be moving in a positive direction. Their enthusiasm was short-lived as the realities of the recording industry drowned out their hopes. Being a young band and the newest on the new label’s roster, the recording of Mictlantecuhtli’s debut CD was shelved for months for economic reasons. This built up a great deal of frustration within the band and also created some tension between them and the record label. After months of attempting to salvage the project Mictlantecuhtli and Quadrivium Records amicably decided to nullify their existing agreement.

Mictlantecuhtli decided to continue writing music and playing lots more shows to build on what they have started. They released another demo. This was also self-titled and contained the tracks My Darkest Empire and Shadow of the Morning Star. As the band played more shows throughout Southern California, they came across a major turning point. Guitarist Colotl decided to part ways with the band to pursue other goals he had in mind. The band was left to search for another guitarist while they continued to promote themselves using their newest demo. The magazine Explicitly Intense called Mictlantecuhtli, “L.A.’s blackest and evilest new sensation” in their #10 issue in 2002. The song Shadow of the Morning Star was featured on a compilation CD called Metal Mayhem in the U.K. My Darkest Empire was featured on a compilation CD that accompanied Issue #10 of the Portuguese magazine Ancient Ceremonies.

In early 2003, Mictlantecuhtli was able to get things back in motion when they incorporated guitarist Tlacaelel into the group. The band now performed shows to rebuild its chemistry and focused on completing the writing for its debut album. Mictlantecuhtli met local producer James Doser and would begin to make arrangements to commence their project. In the fall of 2004, Mictlantecuhtli released their debut album Pillars of Silence to rave reviews. “Pillars of Silence is an extensive 9-track masterpiece,” exclaimed Metal Maniacs in their March 2005 issue. Explicitly Intense claimed, “This brute will drive you insane” in their #17 issue in 2004.

Mictlantecuhtli would embark upon a short tour of the West Coast of the U.S. in the Spring of 2005. The band received a great response from the crowds. However, the group would soon encounter a familiar situation. In the Summer of 2005, Mictlantecuhtli and Tlacaelel mutually agreed to part ways. The band was now forced to seek another guitarist. Mictlantecuhtli auditioned several potential guitarist for months until they found their newest member. In the Winter of 2006, Mixcoatl joined the band. The band now furiously worked on getting in sync with their new guitarist so that they may begin to perform live.

That Spring, the era of the current line-up of Mictlantecuhtli began to build momentum. Mictlantecuhtli would soon begin to craft its second album as they continued to adjust to the new line-up. Mictlantecuhtli shared the stage with the likes of Cryptopsy, Nile, Dragonlord, 1349, and others as it began to rebuild its reputation as an explosive live act. In the Summer of 2007, they also ventured off to Texas to play at the Extreme Texas Metalfest IV in Austin, Texas. By that Winter, they would commence the task of creating their next album. In the fall of 2008, Mictlantecuhtli released their second studio album entitled Warriors of the Black Sun. The album received a mix of great reviews as well as some more moderate ones. The Southern California magazine, Highwire Daze, said “Mictlantecuhtli has unleashed onto the metal world a masterwork.”

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