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Misguided Aggression

Misguided Aggression
Hometown: Woodstock, Canada Current Label: Year of the Sun Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Randy Allcock - Guitar
Rob DeMedeiros - Vocals
Ben Dobson - Guitar
John Ryan Mont Godfrey - Bass
Ben Taylor - Drums

Misguided Aggression Bio:

From the down and dirty backwoods of Southern Ontario, Misguided Aggression is the newest metal band to emerge from Canada’s most well known vicinity. Beginning their ascension through the underground metal scene in 2004, the band has quickly made an impact with their bone crushing style and in your face attitude. It’s fair to say that their current lineup, consisting of Randy Allcock (Guitars), Ben Dobson (Guitars), Rob Demedeiros (Vocals), John Ryan Godfrey (Bass) and Ben Taylor (Drums), has successfully taken metallic promise and turned it into cold hard fact. .. Following the release of three independent recordings, “Fear No Evil” (2005), “Our Saviour’s Daydream” (2006) and The Beast Coast Tour EP (2007), Misguided Aggression has successfully set the stage for the release of their new studio album. Recorded by Thomas Ireland at Icehouse Studios, “Hatchala” is an honest and direct studio translation of the band’s hardened stage performance. From the theatrical power of “Pigs in the Market” to the fist pumping choruses ..s like “Our Kingdom Come” and “Flesh to Gold”, Misguided Aggression has folded their musical ambitions into one tight box of destructiveness. In essence, “Hatchala” is what the band has been working towards since they first started playing music. .. With a strong foundation of fans throughout the Eastern half of Canada, it didn’t take long for Misguided Aggression to successfully shop their new record either. The band signed with Kerosene Media who released “Hatchala” in conjunction with Year of the Sun Records in the spring of 2009. With plans to rabidly tour the record over the next year, the band still conjures up an “all or nothing” declaration, something that’s typically thrown to the wayside in favor of wishful thinking. It’s simply not about pumping out a record and hoping some kid buys a t-shirt, it’s about providing a reason as to why we should care in the first place. .. With Misguided Aggression, it’s easy to see why metal fans continue to show up to the band’s live shows across Canada. Envision Lamb of God, Pantera and Meshuggah having a drunken bar brawl and you’ll quickly understand why the group’s blend of head banging grooves and unbridled brutality would be the perfect soundtrack. It’s not how they part their hair or how trendy their sneakers are; it’s about how much they believe in what they’re doing and what they’re willing to give back to their audience.

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