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Hometown: Aalborg, Denmark Current Label: Nuclear Blast Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Guillaume Bideau - VOcals
Mircea Gabriel Eftemie - Guitar/Keys
Rune Stigart - Guitar
Tomas "Obeast" Koefoed - Bass
Brian "Brylle" Rasmussen - Drums

Mnemic Bio:

MNEMIC is not, never was and never will be a band that is easy to categorize within the genres of metal – no wonder this danish quintett managed to create their own genre from day one.

Nevertheless, MNEMIC have always been a hard working band since their fantastic debut, „Mechanical Spin Phenomena“, back in 2003 which created waves among bands such as Deftones, Machine Head & Fear Factory that later brought the band as main support on countless tours. After their second successfull effort, „The Audio Injected Soul“, in 2004, saw the band open Roskilde' Orange Stage, MTV's Rock Am Ring / Rock Im Park, and many other successful festivals, MNEMIC had to suffer the departure of singer Michael Bogballe, who was replaced by an even more powerful front figure – Guillaume Bideau, who left his former band SCARVE right during the recordings for a new album to fully concentrate on MNEMIC, contributed a lot to what MNEMIC is today with his stunning varied vocal abilities.

Their ways also lead them to being declared as „one of METALLICAs favouried bands“ supporting them on countless European shows, even having their bass player Rob Trujillo saying "I go through these real technical phases, and I listen to bands like MESHUGGAH and MNEMIC. It's stuff that's a little bit complex and takes a lot of patience.“!

MNEMIC's newest output shows a complete new band. A new band that did by far not forget its roots. „Sons Of The System“ still shows the trademark sound that MNEMIC got famous for but also giving the listener a fair amount of incredible riffing, groove laden modern metal masterpieces with a progressive edge and a new born feeling for melody.
A mixture like that molten with a just sensational merciless powerful production (by the band itself and legendary Tue Madsen) results in what you are now about to hear: A very eclectic album, with melodic passages forged as the soundtrack to a steampunk molded world – all new – all stunning – all devastating!

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