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Hometown: Perth, Australia Current Label: Blood Black Productions Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Nefarious - Vocals/Bass
Vorkgnar - Guitar
Sentient - Guitar
Sombre - Drums

Naetu Bio:

Australia's Naetu are described as being the rising force of their national scene. They embody a fast, heavy and intense style of black metal, mixed with a reputation for powerful performances.
In early 2002, this entity was forged by Nefarious and Vorkgnar. Fueled by the plagues of religion, and humanities own pitiful self destructive ways. Naetu has since been a slowly developing creature of pure misanthropic blood lust. The early years saw slow progress for thet band, with some line-up changes disrupting the dynamics. Once a stable line-up had finally been attained, the long awaited debut was released to the masses in mid 2008.

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