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Hometown: Lahti, Finland Current Label: Century Media Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Janne Kosonen - Guitar, Sami Heinonen - Guitar, Ville Vartiainen - Bass, Hannu Väänänen - Drums, Tero Kosonen - Vocals

Necropsy Bio:

In June 1987 couple of young dudes about in age of eleven ponders on a heavy thoughts. Janne Kosonen and Ville Raitio decide to form a band. Name was chosen to be anxiety and foundation of Necropsy was created. Inspired by the bands like Slayer, Dark Angel and Death. First demo “Mental Disturbance” saw the daylight in 1989. At that time Janne performed the vocal parts as well as played guitar. Vocalist Aku Rytkölä joined the band. "Curse" demo game out and the year was 1990. At same year demo "Indigestion", which was darker in tones and more "death metal" instead of past trash sounds was released. Aku Rytkölä left after "Another World" demo in 1991 and Tero Kosonen replaced him. Split-lp with Demigod and ep "Never To Be Forgotten" was also released during the year `91. Fifty copies of ep was only compensation that was left for the band from these both pruductions. After "Go all the way of flesh" demo was Ville Raitio`s turn to give up and Taito Soramäki jumped to drummer`s seat. But something was changed radically. One demo and one song "Anoiting Of The Sick" which was released in "Monoheads Collection cd" in 1993 left last announcements of Necropsy. In 1994 Aatu Holma`s application for dismissal got band`s approval and Tommi Tanskanen steps to sinking ship. Even though first record deal was in hand, songs and covers were ready and studio time was settled. Band was out of juice and in need of a break.

In the course of years Janne (lead guitars) and Tero Kosonen (vocals) talked many times about putting band together again. But it was not easy to find suitable players. However in autumn 2008 Necropsy was blood and flesh again. Aatu Holma got exhumed to play second guitar, Hannu Väänänen (drums) and Ville Vartiainen (bass) joined as a new members. After long hard work of rehearsing and few gigs at Finland, first full length album "Bloodwork" came out in july 2011.

Aatu Holma left the band in october (2011) and Sami Heinonen joined in.

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