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Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA Current Label: Razor And Tie Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Scorpion - Vocals, Keyboards

Goldberg - Guitars, Backup vocals

Bready - Drums, Percussion

Fingers - Bass

Raptor - Keyboards

Diamond - Guitars

Nekrogoblikon Bio:

"Who is Nekrogoblikon? Where did they come from? What is goblin metal? Why write songs about goblins? When will I stop feeling so alone?" The answer to all of your questions is it really doesn't matter. What you should instead be concerned with is the fact that your life is probably not nearly as satisfying as it could be, and Nekrogoblikon is here to fix that. Their new album Heavy Meta has not only been in the works for the last 49 years, but also is the first album in history to receive three Grammys (and even one Oscar) without ever having been completed or released. In 1987, psychiatrists worldwide began prescribing audio snippets of the in-progress album to patients in lieu of antidepressants, and by 2001 the album had gone "Secret Platinum." However, it wasn't until now that Nekrogoblikon felt that the general masses would be able to handle the concentrated dose of pure joy that is Heavy Meta. The album arrives on June 2nd, 2015, and is promised by the band to be both "really, really good" and "something people will want to buy...or torrent."

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