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Neurotic November

Neurotic November
Hometown: Current Label: Victory Records
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It all started with Dirty (vocalist) had formed the band in 2004. we have gone through quite a few member switches but it was not until 2009 when he posted that he was looking for a bassist. Little did he know the girl who responded with " I have a bass but thats about it" would become his partner in crime and best friend, Bear. With little thought he responded "thats ok i have an amp" she responded back with "I dont have a car either" he replied "I do, ill pick you up right now" it was history from that moment. They were 2 kids who had a dream. And an idea. "We want to be musicians so if we stretch out out ears and get tattooed as much as possible we will force ourselves to live it out because there will be no other option!" We dropped our ep passive may in 2012 right around when we started touring. When the local scene in florida started to die out we knew we had to make a move. We traveled around as a 5 piece in a 7 passenger some times taking a merch girl with us. The space was obsolete but when your traveling the states with your best friends on an open road. The nights would turn to mornings and we would be in a different city/ state doing what we love for a new set of faces. It all became very clear to us and highly worth all of the sacrifices we have made financially, mentally and physically. Finally in 2013 we settled on our final line up with Paiste on drums only 16 and homeschooled, and our 2 guitarists Nig who is also involved in rap culture and Yoshi, a music major. 5 people from complete different walks of life with one passion and one goal in mind "chase your dreams"

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