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Hometown: Fredrikstad, Norway Current Label: Napalm Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Dolk - Vocals
Jon Bakker - Bass
Ask - Drums

Ole - Live Guitar

Kampfar Bio:

The beginnings of KAMPFAR date back to 1994, as Dolk bid farewell to his former band Mock. His desire to continue expressing himself musically and to move ahead prompted him to seek new blood. He recruited Thomas to take on the guitar responsibilities and soon the duo began composing new material.

The two musicians, who possessed quite disparate musical backgrounds, soon developed a unique sound that was first presented to the public with the release of the MCD “Kampfar”. The self-titled MCD was followed by the full-length album “Mellom Skogkledde Aaser” in 1997. Although the album leaned heavily on Thomas’ folk influences, it still espoused Dolk’s Black Metal finesse.

With two releases under their belt, KAMPFAR continued to write and to produce new material. In addition, the band explored new lyrical territory and presented their fans with their first English lyrics. The song was part of the MCD “Norse”. The following year, 1999, Kampfar released their second full-length entitled “Fra Underverdenen”.

This particular recording, being darker and more emotional than its predecessors, saw KAMPFAR move away from some of the folk aspects and concentrate more on Thomas’ fondness for classical music. The result, however, was still very deeply rooted in the Black Metal genre.

Following the release of “Fra Underverdenen”, KAMPFAR almost disappeared from the face of the earth. It was the beginning of a long period of inactivity due to personal issues. Once resolved, KAMPFAR regained its momentum.

After bassplayer Jon and drummer II13 joined the band in the summer of 2003, KAMPFAR focused on writing new material and finally accepted one of the numerous offers to play live. The band chose to premiere at the Moshfest festival in Halden, not far from their native Fredrikstad. The show’s success resulted in numerous Norwegian gigs and in the band’s first mini tour of Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands — a tour that also included some festival gigs.

In between rehearsing for their live performances and the writing of new songs, demos were recorded and in November 2005, KAMPFAR was ready to enter Silvertone Studio in Gamle Fredrikstad to record what would become their latest release “Kvass”. Working with producer Rune Jørgensen, the band recorded the album in 3 months time.
”Kvass” was well received by the metal press and the band performed at numerous festivals including legendary Wacken and With Full Force. Furthermore, a tour of Europe helped the band reach a whole new level of notoriety, encouraging them to quickly move forward with new material for the next release.

KAMPFAR once again remains true to the their primordial style and delivers raw Pagan Folklore Metal as it is meant to be heard. Piercing riffs, driving drums, and catchy melodies shape their latest CD "Heimgang", but the sceptre can only fully swing with the help of charismatic frontman Dolk, whose unmistakable and unique vocal approach gives the songs the finishing touch. The dark and yet majestic atmosphere, both clean and harsh, is caught on tape by Rune Joergensen of Silvertone Studio, Norway. Lyrically the album deals with crossing over into the underworld, as told in Nordic myths and legends. "Heimgang" proves that alongside Darkthrone and Satyricon, KAMPFAR remains a forerunner and one of the last true originals of the scene.

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