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Only Living Witness

Only Living Witness
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Only Living Witness was formed in 1989 by Eric Stevenson and Jonah Jenkins.

Eric had played in the Boston area thrash metal band FORMICIDE. Jonah was a big fan, and had met them while working with friends on a local fanzine, LOOK AGAIN.

Eric recruited his brother Kevin, and bass player Roy Costa, both original members of Formicide .

Early practices and song writing resulted in many 4-track recordings...but the band's first studio recording took place in 1989, with Bruce Bennett, at Kashmir Studio, in Wilmington, MA.

This first recording resulted in the 1990 eponymous 4 song cassette.

3 songs of this were released on 7" vinyl, in a limited pressing of 1000 copies, by Dan McNamara, on the zine related label: LOOK AGAIN RECORDS. This was the only music released by LOOK AGAIN.

A second demo was recorded in 1991, with the songs "Liar's Den", "Meantime", and "Oblivion." This was recorded live to two-track, but the engineer recorded a broken speaker in the guitar cabinet, so the recording was never released, and the songs were dropped from the live set, with the exit of Kevin and Roy the same year, due to creative differences.

Two other songs from this period were played live, but never recorded in a studio, "Find Me Blind and Bound" and "Lung Black". One live bootleg of the band playing at the Raathskellar in 1990 exists, which includes these two songs.

Soon after the departure of Roy and Kevin, Chris Crowley and Craig Silverman (also a one time member of Formicide) were recruited to play bass and guitar respectively.

In 1992, a third, 5 song demo was recorded, "Prone Mortal Form". This demo included one ambient instrumental track that was never released otherwise, "Window 4:45".

Between 1989 and 1992 the band opened for bands such as Corrosion of Conformity, Slap Shot, Leeway, Sheer Terror, Prong, Starkweather, and playing with local bands such as Overcast, Dive, SEKA, Sam Black Church and dozens more.

In 1992, the band signed with Century Media.

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