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Hometown: Eugene, Or. Current Label: Unique Leader Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Steve Crum (Drums), Adam Toepfer (Vocals), Dan Rabago (Guitars), Isamu Sato (Bass)

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Omnihility was formed in 2009 by Dan Rabago (guitars) with the intent to create music of extreme technicality and brutality. The band recorded a self-titled EP, a full length album entitled, "Abscess Of Oblivion", as well as two singles, "Biogenesis", and, "Unsummoned". These recordings were never released due to members disbanding and being replaced. In 2011, John Kurzejeski (Vocals), and Armen Koroghlian (drums), joined the band. It was then that Omnihility began to write the material for their debut album entitled "Biogenesis"The band as well singed a one album contract with both the labels Sevared Records, and Butchered Records. "Biogenesis" was finished in the summer of 2012 and released on both labels in the fall of that same year. After signing a deal with Unique Leader records in the winter of 2013 Steve Crum stepped in to fill the drumming position and the writing for their first release on Unique Leader Records began entitled “Deathscapes Of The Subconscious” And it is set to be released summer of 2014. Omnihility is a modern technical death metal band, influenced heavily by the early 90's death metal scene. They forge on to create their own unique and brutal style. Omnihility is currently writing the material for their third album entitled " Dominion Of Misery" for Unique Leader Records as well as playing shows as much as possible and gearing up to tour the world.

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