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Hometown: Old Kentucky home. Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: A. Lunn

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Started in Louisville kentucky in 2007. Currently as of 2012 residing in the woods of the north mid west. Musically : blending European style metal, American folk music and many other genres. Lyrically: Previously dealing with political issues and social commentary, pagan spiritualism, currently more focused on finding inspiration in the natural world and writing about more personal issues.
"Panopticon is an atmospheric metal band that blends elements of black metal, dark metal and melodic death metal with American folk music, post rock and progressive rock elements. Panopticon's subject matter varies including political issues, history, pagan spirituality, environmental issues and personal struggles. Typically the albums are conceptual, excluding the first record, and carry a theme through out the entire record.Influences range from 90's black metal bands and melodic death metal, to post rock and indie rock, to early folk, bluegrass and country music."
Band Interests
Nature, politics,history and beer.

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