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Paradox Machine

Paradox Machine
Hometown: Groningen, Netherlands Current Label: Layered Reality Productions Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Walter Buisman
Ede Meijer
Nikky Sriamin
Machiel Veldkamp
Richard van Velzen

Paradox Machine Bio:

Paradox Machine is a band from Groningen, The Netherlands, which was founded June 18th, 2009 when Richard van Velzen was having his 20th birthday. Machiel Veldkamp and Ede Meijer decided to give him a a very special birthday gift: a small jam with themselves and Walter Buisman, a bass guitarist who was in another band with Ede.

After that one jam they decided to join forces and make progressive metal together! Each band member had quite some years of experience with their respective instruments, resulting in quite interesting music. Everyone in the band had other musical influences but everyone enjoyed metal and progressive music for years, so naturally their music would have quite some roots in the progressive scene.

Soon they felt that it was time to start working on their own music, and work began on creating their first three masterpieces. The music they were creating had some complex passages, so this took quite the bit of time. Almost half a year later, all of the music was written. In 2010 they recorded and produced a CD and in June 2010 Paradox Machine released their first CD, which is available for download on their website, iTunes,IMVU and Spotify.

In August 2010 Nikky Sriamin joined the gang, providing vocals for the album being worked on currently, and completing the band. Upcoming shows will feature Nikky as the new frontman, so stay tuned for updates!

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