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Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Current Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: JACK CARMICHAEL - Guitar/Vocals,

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Percussor formed in late 2014 out of the 13-14 version of Lesch-Nyhan a decision was made after recording Lesch-Nyhan's 2014 self titled release and playing a hand full of shows that a change was needed at singer. So all ties were cut with its singer even after all the hard work the core of the band put in to help resurrect the " LN " name. So with a new name Percussor that Jack and Chris had after the demise of AfterBirth in 1994 but never was able to find the rest of the pieces to really get anything off the ground . The Percussor name was resurrected with the logo that was originally drawn by jack back in 94. So now with Jack on vocals and cut down to a 3 piece the band is able to accomplish a lot more of what was originally conceived . A new release was being worked on at the time a 9 song release with all the work being done by the core of the band and Jack as principle song writer and Chris as principle lyricist we were able to finish up the recording in no time which was released in Dec. 2014 entitled Proclamation of Hate. CD's and digital release will also be available through Horror,Pain,Death,Gore Productions April , 21st 2015. More is able to get accomplished now as we roll on and all band members share a singular work ethic and a full understanding what we are trying to accomplish. Writing has already started and with a few songs done work has already begun for a another EP or full release looking to have released sometime end of 2015 or early 2016.

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