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Hometown: Washington D.C. Current Label: Sumerian Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Spencer Sotelo-vocals,
Misha Mansoor- guitars,
Matt Halpern-drums,
Jake Bowen-guitars,
Mark Holcolmb-guitars
Adam "Nolly" Getgood-bass

Periphery Bio:

Very rarely does a band come along that just defies the boundaries of conventionality, but the experimental, progressive metal outfit Periphery have done just that and have blazed a trail of originality that has sent a shockwave throughout the metal world. This Maryland based six-piece are one of the few who actually feature three guitar players and are led by the virtuoso Misha Mansoor, whose unique ability and style has him quickly being mentioned as one of the most gifted new players to come along in years. The group's highly acclaimed debut, self-titled album is a work of sheer precision packaged with a propulsive blend of melody, intensity and undeniable songwriting prowess.

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