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Hometown: Windsor, Ontario, Canada Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Kim McInnis (vocals, keyboards)
Jamie Hush (guitars, vocals)
Chris Rafinski (guitars, vocals)
Michael Wiznuk (drums, vocals)
Calvin Love (bass, vocals)

Perpetuate Bio:

Perpetuate is a heavy metal band hailing from Windsor, Ontario. Guitarists Jamie Hush and Chris Rafinski join forces with drummer Mike Wiznuk and Calvin Love on bass to deliver hard-hitting, high-energy tunes reminiscent metal's golden age. The band is fronted by keyboardist Kim McInnis, whose voice weaves beauty and aggression into soaring soprano melodies over a roaring symphony of guitars. With classical inspiration and strong influences in modern metal and progressive music, Perpetuate is seeking the perfect balance of technicality and clarity in song-writing.

Perpetuate has been fortunate to share the stage with some of Ontario’s favourite metal and hard rock acts, including Baptized in Blood, Hail the Villain, Today I Caught the Plague, and the legendary Anvil.

In November 2010, Perpetuate entered the studio to record their debut CD with Glenn Fricker at Spectre Sound. The album features five original tracks and a guest appearance by Betrayer’s Jeff Klingbeil, who lends his voice to an unforgettable cover of “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden. The self-titled CD was released in April 2011 and is now available from CDN Records and digital music retailers everywhere.

Eager to bring their music to new fans, Perpetuate is looking forward to traveling across Ontario in promotion of the album. With ambitions of touring nationally and overseas, Perpetuate has a mind to win over audiences everywhere and take their place among the greats of Canadian metal.

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