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Hometown: Santiago, Chile Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
Band Members: Vocals - Bill Smith, Guitar - Ron Buckner, Ignacio Orellana - Drums/Backing Vocals

Pirosaint Bio:

Pirosaint was formed in 1989, joining a small but powerful and enthusiastic local heavy metal scene. The band started out as a death metal outfit in Santiago, Chile that later became Thrash Metal.

After releasing two demos in 1992 and 1994, the band issued an EP called New God in 1997. To celebrate Pirosaint's first active decade, the group released a compilation called Ten Years From the Emptiness in the year 2000, re-issued in 2004 (Drago Bonacich,

In 2011, Pirosaint re formed with original drummer Ignacio Orellana, Bill Smith (Sacred Oath) and Ron Buckner (Downfire).

The band is the band is currently looking for a steady and capable singer and also recording new material for an upcoming album.

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