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Hometown: Romania Current Label: Metal Blade Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Attila Dorn – Vocals
Matthew Greywolf – Guitar
Charles Greywolf – Guitar
Falk Maria Schlegel – Organ

Powerwolf Bio:

POWERWOLF´s 2007 release ‘Lupus Dei’ marked a milestone in the band´s biography. Not only did the multinational five-piece around maestro Attila Dorn easily surpass the high expectations both fans and media had after their out-of-the-blue debut ‘Return In Bloodred’ (2005) – ‘Lupus Dei’ received rave reviews everywhere and was often described as a soon-to-be classic. Metal Hammer Germany even elected ‘Lupus Dei’ as one of the five most important metal albums of the year 2007.

Having made their name as a highly entertaining live act, Powerwolf didn´t hesitate to make stages their own after the release of ‘Lupus Dei’, presenting themselves as intense performers who at any occasion managed to cast a spell on any audience within seconds. Kicked off with an almost legendary show at Germany´s Summer Breeze festival, they soon embarked on a tour together with Swedish doom metal gods Candlemass, before jumping on the tour bus again to open for German metal institution Grave Digger. As the quickly increasing amount of POWERWOLF supporters kept asking for more live shows, the wolves went on a 3rd European tour, this time supporting their labelmates Brainstorm. Crowned by a celebrated appearance at Wacken Open Air 2008, the touring for ‘Lupus Dei’ established POWERWOLF as one of the most unique live acts in today´s European metal scene.

Right after the touring was finished, the pack decided to channel all the fresh power of the live shows into new songs. "Playing live brings to light what a band really is able to deliver, and everybody who has seen POWERWOLF performing during the last year knows what the Wolf is about - pure power, pure metal, along with a haunting horror atmosphere - and that feeling was what we used more than ever as a foundation for the songwriting", reports singer Attila Dorn. Bursting with new ideas and kicked by the adrenaline that the enthusiasm shown by the fans left in their blood, POWERWOLF wrote their most energetic songs to date. "It was a real challenge to write a follow-up to such a highly acclaimed album as ‘Lupus Dei’, but, thanks to our great fans, who gave us all the energy, we never doubted we would be able to deliver. This gave us the confidence to go beyond what we had done before, this time really unleashing the wolf´s claws and fangs."

In fact, ‘Bible Of The Beast’ has become the most powerful and heaviest POWERWOLF album to date, adding a harsher edge to the typical POWERWOLF sound, while still including all the trademarks POWERWOLF are known and loved for. Guitar player Matthew Greywolf: "When we started writing new songs it became clear that Attila had developed his voice to a new level of intensity and heaviness. He has explored a lot of really heavy bands during the last two years which he hadn´t known before, and this probably left an impression. And with Attila raising the level of aggression in his voice, it felt natural that the whole band followed during the songwriting process. We finally were able to set free all the power and strength that lied hidden underneath the wolf´s fur during all these years, and now it felt like the time for its outbreak had come. The songwriting felt like a giant rush of energy, which songs as 'Raise Your Fist, Evangelist' or 'Werewolves Of Armenia' display quite clearly."

After three months of intense songwriting the band was ready to hit the studios in November 2008, this time recording the basic tracks at Kohlekeller Studios near Frankfurt in Germany, while once again for the church organ parts they invaded a chapel near Thionville in Northern France. "Recording a real organ gives a much more haunting feeling to the music. No keyboard could ever transport that, and that´s why we don´t do it the easy way, but take the ordeal of recording a real organ in a church," says organist Falk Maria Schlegel.

Moreover, on ‘Bible Of The Beast’ POWERWOLF fulfilled a dream they had kept since they started working with choirs on ‘Lupus Dei’. For ‘Bible Of The Beast’, no less than 25 classically educated singers of the Musikhochschule des Saarlandes (a national conservatory for classical music) sang choir arrangements on eight of the songs. "We actually recorded the choir parts in the studio of the conservatory. I think it was the first time that these venerable walls had been shaken with heavy metal," says Charles Greywolf with a smile. "While on 'Lupus Dei' it was a bonus we added on top of some songs, this time we already had choir parts in mind when we wrote the songs, so the dialogue of choir and Attila works perfectly in songs such as 'St. Satan´s Day' or 'Seven Deadly Saints'."

For the mix of the album, POWERWOLF once again worked with the legendary Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman (In Flames, Hammerfall, Dimmu Borgir), who seems to have outdone himself this time in setting up a massive, powerful, yet transparent wall of sound, that perfectly transports both the heavy edge as well as all the many details POWERWOLF put into this album.

Staying true to both their musical and lyrical orientation, on ‘Bible Of The Beast’ POWERWOLF write about the most prominent person in the metal scene: the devil. "I have recognized over the past years, that many metal bands write lyrics about the Devil or Satan considering this as anti-christian," Attila Dorn says. "In fact, history tells a different truth: If we look at the Old Testament or the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, we realize that the devil is an invention of monotheistic religious concepts that needed to add darkness where they had created light. Not satanists invented the devil - it was the christians who did, and therefore no one can believe in God without believing in the devil at the same time, and vice versa." Thus most of the songs on 'Bible Of The Beast' are based on the appearances of the beast in the bible."

With the release of their 3rd album it´s quite sure POWERWOLF will continue their triumphant rise in the metal scene, as ‘Bible Of The Beast’ contains a bunch of highly catchy metal anthems that won´t leave your head for a long time once you´ve heard them. For summer 2009 the first high-profile festivals such as Bang Your Head!!! or Summer Breeze are already confirmed - so be sure to witness the wolves´ mighty third crusade!!!

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