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Profane Omen

Profane Omen
Hometown: Lahti, Finland Current Label: Spinefarm Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Jules Näveri - Vocals
Williami Kurki - Guitar
Antti Kokkonen - Guitar
Samuli Mikkonen - Drums

Profane Omen Bio:

1999 guitarist/songwriter Janne Tolonen, drummer/songwriter Länä Varjola, bassist Jukka Keisala and guitarist Bönde Pöllänen found PROFANE OMEN. Soon after foundation the group is joined by singer Jules Näveri. The band start out by playing melodic heavy metal and in the beginning year 2000 they hit the studio to make their first demo which goes by the name of “Profane Omen”. The band play their first gig.

In the end of year 2000 the band make their second demo called “Bittersweet Omen” which is also categorized under the genre of melodic heavy metal. Soon after the second demo guitarist Pöllänen decides to call it quits and leaves the band. The band is joined by guitarist/songwriter Williami Kurki.

In the beginning of year 2001 the band make their third demo called “Fuck The Beast” in Sonic Pump Studios with Nino Laurenne (Antidote, Thunderstone) as the engineer. PROFANE OMEN is beginning to sound a bit more aggressive and the style of music is developing into more of a riff-ruling metal. One of the songs, “Through The Dark” ends up on a Finnish metal compilation called “Northern Breeze 2”.

In summer 2001 the band go to the Sonic Pump Studios again to make their fourth demo called “Load Of Lead”. Again, the engineering is handled by Nino Laurenne. The material in that demo is a lot more aggressive than in the earlier demos. “LOL” gets quite good reviews in Finnish magazines and webzines. PROFANE OMEN play more gigs and kick more asses.

In the end of year 2001 guitarist Tolonen and drummer Varjola decide to leave the band. Tolonen founds Misery Inc.. PROFANE OMEN is soon joined by drummer Mika Tanttu and guitarist Antti Kokkonen. The band start to practice their material for the next demo/EP. The group find themselves again at Sonic Pump Studios with Nino Laurenne.

In summer 2002 PROFANE OMEN release their first official release. The EP “Label Of Black” gets nominated as “The release of the month” in German Resistance Radio. “LOB” gets good reviews from many Finnish magazines and webzines. PROFANE OMEN is known as an active live band by playing many gigs in small Finnish underground metal events. Finnish national TV network YLE use material off “LOB” in a document of theirs. “LOB” is sold out.

In spring 2003 the band hit the studio again to make the sixth demo called “c2h4o”. This time the engineering and production is handled by Aleksanteri Kuosa and Tomppa Saarenketo at Oriville Studios. PROFANE OMEN continue their way on a path of aggressive, yet melodic heavy metal. Again the demo gets good reviews and the band is seen on stage more often.

In summer 2003 bassist Keisala decides to leave the band. PROFANE OMEN is soon joined by bassist Tomppa Saarenketo who was already partially responsible of how the latest demo “c2h4o” sounded like.

In fall 2003 PROFANE OMEN and Austrian death metallers Spearhead organize a mini tour which contains three gigs in Finland and four gigs in Austria. The band play their first gig outside Finland.

In spring 2004 PROFANE OMEN is again at Sonic Pump Studios making a single of a song “Adrenaline”. The band is helped by producer Panu Willman (ex-Entwine, ex-Before The Dawn, Dark Filth Fraternity). The single is released in summer 2004. “Adrenaline” is sold out.

In spring 2005 the band organize a gig trade with German band Medusa’s Child and head off to Germany for three gigs. Immediately after the mini tour drummer Tanttu leaves the band and focuses fully on Kill The Romance. Soon after Tanttu’s departure PROFANE OMEN is joined by drummer Samuli Mikkonen.

At this point PROFANE OMEN have had five former band members. The number of recordings is seven and the number of gigs huge.

1st of December 2005 PROFANE OMEN signs a record deal with Finnish label Dethrone Music.

In January 2006 the band hit Villvox Studios with producer Ville Sorvali (Moonsorrow) to record their debut album “Beaten Into Submission”. The session is engineered by Aleksanteri Kuosa.

6th of September 2006 “Beaten Into Submission” is released. “BIS” enters the Finnish charts placing on a position 28. “BIS” is critically acclaimed in several magazines and webzines.

9th of December 2006 the band signs a booking contract with Finnish booking agency Welldone.

In February 2007 PROFANE OMEN is nominated as the “Newcomer of the Year” in Finnish Metal Awards held at the Finnish Metal Expo.

In May 2007 PROFANE OMEN record their next release. EP “Disconnected” is produced by Ville Sorvali and engineered by Aleksanteri Kuosa at Villvox Studios.

In summer 2007 PROFANE OMEN play at summer festivals for the first time, including e.g. Tuska Open Air, Simerock, Pellavarock and Jalometalli Metal Festival.

In this 2008 fall, PROFANE OMEN has been recording the brand new studio album. The album was recorded in Villvox studio and after audio mixing and mastering it will be released march 2009. Name of the album is "Inherit the Void" and you can read tracklist from discrography section.

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