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The band was born in 2010 and our first album, Deviated Inner Spectrum, came out in 2012. The album was recorded by Mathieu Marcotte of Augury, mixed by Hugues Deslauriers and mastered by Yannick St-Amand (Despised Icon). For the next two years we played many shows throughout the province of Quebec with bands such as Beyond Creation, Dying Fetus, Anonymus, Obey The Brave and BARF.

In 2014, we hooked up with The Grid Studio. We then worked with Chris Donaldson, an amazing guitarist for the band Cryptopsy and producer of many metal bands such as The Agonist, Beneath The Massacre, Beyond Creation and Obey the Brave.

Our new album, An Atomic Decision, is our way to show you a much powerful and in-depth sound. In this album you will find our own melodic death metal style: a combination of high and low vocals, technical leads and intricate riffing from the guitars, groovy bass lines and intriguing drum parts.

Going from extreme vibes to ambient atmospheres, each song takes you on a unique adventure and allows your mind to explore and open itself.

Pronostic's plan is now launched and it will blow your f&#%@ mind!

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