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Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Current Label: Halo Of Flies Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Brian,

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PROTESTANT was formed in 2004.
we live in milwaukee, wi, usa.
we have released a demo CDR, a live/covers CDR, 2 7"s, 3 split 7"s,
3 LP's, 2 CD's, a 10" and a tape so far.
we generally record at Howl Street Studios with Shane Hochstetler.
Eclipse Printing does most of our merch.
we are not signed to any label.
we have released records on
Halo of Flies, Vendetta, Blindead, Rust and Machine, Inkblot,
Barbarian, Rimbaud, Caramba, Dingleberry, Parade of Spectres, Apocaplexy, FuckLife! and Go!.
we support DIY ventures of all kinds, our friends, and all the bands and people
who have been so supportive of us.

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