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Ramming Speed

Ramming Speed
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts Current Label: Tankcrimes Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Peter Gallagher - Vocals
Kallen Bliss - Guitars
Blake Chuffskin - Guitars
Benogen - Bass
Jonah Livingston - Drums

Ramming Speed Bio:

Ramming Speed have been pounding the highway hard since 2007. Borrowing heavily from d-beat punk's charging rhythm, NWOBHM's twin guitar harmonies, thrash metal's aggression and grind's blinding speed, we have have released one cd, four records, and two tapes on six different labels. Touring has covered the entire US many times over, along with 14 other countries, including the UK, Iceland, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Poland, Austria and beyond. The band has toured/done one off's with Trap Them, Torche, Municipal Waste, Phobia, Holy Grail, Toxic Holocaust, Black Tusk, Doomriders, Saviours, Revocation and many more.

In the beginning it was "Write metal punk song, release 7", go on tour, repeat" but over the last two years we took time to pause and refine our craft - the results of which are upcoming full length "Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die" (recorded by Kurt Ballou).

The Blog called us "One of the hardest-working bands in heavy metal" and after our set at Czech Republic festival Obscene Extreme Terrorizer Magazine printed that we were the "band of the decade" and stated "Why their set wasn't extended for, well, the rest of the weekend will remain a mystery. Looks like we'll have to make do watching their videos. On repeat. Forever.".

We have a regular guest column on and and are committed completely to all of the sweaty, sleepless nights it takes to keep the band on the road. See you at the show.

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