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Red Harvest

Red Harvest
Hometown: Oslo, Norway Current Label: Season of Mist Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Jimmy Ofu Kahn Ivan Bergsten - Vocals, Guitars
Thomas Brandt - Bass
Kjetil TurboNatas Eggum - Guitars
Lars LRZ Sørensen - Synths
Erik Wroldsen - Drums

Red Harvest Bio:

Norwegian metal music has taken on many shapes in the past decade, but few groups have achieved the near painful beauty of pure industrial metal like Red Harvest. It..s been more than ten years since the release of their first album - years spent on the borderline between alternative art music and metal mayhem. Red Harvest are true veterans of Norwegian metal music, along with such bands as Mayhem, Cadaver and Darkthrone. They have never been part of the controversial black metal scene, yet their best music contains more than enough energy to burn down churches by its sonic impact alone. This persistent five piece has often been touring both domestically and abroad, but is still something of a rather well kept secret among connoisseurs of dark, driving rock music. When pressed to describe themselves, the members will come up with labels like Apocalyptic Industrial Paranoia Metal, but like most truly great music, the sonic assault of Red Harvest defies all labeling.

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