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Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark Current Label: Indisciplinarian Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Jacob Krogholt - Guitars, Martin Niemann - Drums

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After two crushing EP’s, RISING finally released their debut album “To Solemn Ash” in 2011, and the band toured Europe extensively in the year after. In the meantime, the band forged new and fiercer material, fueled by growing differences within the band. The result is RISING’s second album “Abominor” that was to be the final material from this particular constellation of the band, marking and end to an era - and a new beginning…

In 2009 the Copenhagen based metal trio RISING hit the underground hard with its heavy,melodic and organic sludgy metal. The band’s two first releases – the eponymous S/T debutEP from ’09 and the “Legacy of Wolves” single from ‘10 - were both released DIY, but nonetheless widely recognized by international press and heavy music fans alike. Backing those early releases, the band toured Europe twice and played Roskilde Festival (DK) in 2010. In 2011, RISING signed to the German heavy music label Exile on Mainstream, whom released the band’s debut album “To Solemn Ash” the same year. The album is a 49
minute long epic showing the band’s talent for writing vast, metallic anthems while executing the material with fierce attack and sharp production. In the year following the release RISING played more than 50 shows throughout Europe, here among two full European
tours, a Swedish and an Irish tour and not the least festival performances at Copenhell (DK) and Hulstfred (SE), while rounding of 2012 co-headlining the extensive Danish MTV Headbangers Ball Tour. After the tour, the band committed itself to song writing and
preproduction before finally recording their second album in April/May 2013 with producer Jakob Reichert Nielsen, whom also recorded “To Solemn Ash” and the S/T EP.

The new album entitled “Abominor” contains nine tracks running 39 minutes displaying a faster, more aggressive and gritty side to the band. From the beginning of the song writing process the band envisioned a somewhat harsher and loose album - a reaction to and a
development from the more epic and melodic heavy metallic songs of “To Solemn Ash”. This shows in the material which incorporates punk and crust influences, not at least aesthetically, while remaining true to the heaviness and melodic sense that has been trademarks for RISING from the beginning. Thematically “Abominor” departs from the
band's first album by addressing multiple subjects of darkness, grief and violence. More personal and earthbound than previously, the lyrics depict the frail nature of man; the cowardice and the valor, the hope and the despair that sets the stage for man's interaction
and his place in the natural (dis)order.

However, “Abominor” was to be the last album from this incarnation of the band. The year leading up to the recording of the album had shown severe disagreements creatively and personally within the band, and upon finishing the album drummer Jacob Johansen and
singer/bassist Henrik Hald left the band. Still the trio succeeded in writing and recording “Abominor”, an album that stands witness of the three members’ collective ability to forge an cohesive artistic expression. “Abominor” signifies the end of an era for RISING and as a
result of the demise, there will be no tours or live performances directly in support of the album. But the exit of Hald and Johansen will not mark the end of RISING, but on the opposite, a new beginning. Main composer, guitarist and remaining member Jacob Krogholt
has teamed up with original drummer Martin Niemann, who formed the band alongside Krogholt in 2008. Niemann co-wrote and performed on the S/T debut EP as well as co-wrote the Legacy of Wolves 7” EP-tracks and “Hunters Crown” from the debut album. Krogholt and Niemann will continue RISING with a new line-up and are currently busy writing new material to be recorded and performed live in the course of 2014.

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