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Scar Culture

Scar Culture
Hometown: New York, New York Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Roman Garbacik- Vocals
John Conley- Guitar
Frank Cannino- Bass
Duke Borisov-Drums

Scar Culture Bio:

From the beginning. Scar Culture has fought to make their ferocious voice heard - doing so as loud, fast and brutal as possible. They have placed their indelible stamp on the music world, combining the best of metal, hardcore and grindcore into one intense, crushing sound. They have perservered through enormous obstacles, including a near-fatal accident and the untimely departure of band members. Embodying the true spirit of rock and roll. Scar Culture is uncompromisingly loyal both to their music and their ravenous fans. They are brothers, bound for life by their love of all things heavy.

Founding member Conley was a seasoned veteran of the New York metal circuit when he joined forces with drummer Borisov in 1997. Inspired by both the hardcore and death metal scenes, the duo began concocting their caustic blend of furious, grinding riffs and surgically precise drumming. With the later addition of Cannino's low-end growl and original frontman Pheroze Karai. The band gained a rabid following and rose to the forefront of the local scene.

Their reputation spread through the independant release of a four-song EP. Performances at the Milwaukee and New Jersey Metal Fests in 1998, and impressive media attention. Metal Maniacs praised Scar Culture for it's embodiment of the underground music scene's "bruising, grinding, death metal bowels". A review in Delinum describes the EP as a "stomp heavy, in-your-face, incessant howl of metal mastery".

Scar Culture recorded their debut album Inscribe in 2000. The ten song cd was tracked and mixed at Blue Meanie studios in Hoboken, New Jersey (recording home of Agnostic Front, Voivod, Sick Of It All). Upon hearing the band, studio owner and S.O.D./M.O.D. frontman Billy Milano could muster only two words: "Fucking brutal" and signed on to produce the project.

Originally intended as an independant release, Inscribe's relentless grind-thrash and violent pit-inducing breakdowns caught the ear of Century Media Records. Scar Culture signed with the label in 2001. Performing at the Century Media 10th anniversary party later that year. They began touring virtually non-stop in support of their album. Earning a slot on Metal Maniac's 2001 X-mas tour and criss-crossing the country with bands such as Killswitch Engage, Soilwork and Pissing Razors. Hard work and a rising profile landed Conley and Cannino endorsements from Ibanez Guitars, ESP Guitars, GHS Strings and DR Strings.

The whirlwind came to an abrupt halt in summer of 2002 when their touring van was totaled in a high-speed highway accident, leaving the musicians bruised and stunned but happy to be alive. The band was dealt another sudden blow in December of the same year when vocalist Karai left in the midst of a national tour. The remaining members returned home to regroup and take an unexpected but well-deserved break from the rigors of the road.

A rejuvenated Scar Culture celebrated 2004 with the addition of vocalist Garbacik, whose diverse styles add yet another facet to their heavy hybrid. Learning from every experience, this band continued to widen their sound and their role in the music world.

In April of 2005, adversity, line-up changes and other obstacles made continuing Scar Culture in good faith impossible. Rather than cheapen the accomplishments and memories of what Scar Culture was, the remaining members decided to let go...

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