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Secrets of the Sky

Secrets of the Sky
Hometown: Oakland, California Current Label: Metal Blade Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Guitars/Keyboards - Chris Anderson, Guitars/Keyboards - Clayton Bartholomew, Guitars- Andrew Green, Bass - Ryan Healy, Drums - Lance Lea, Vocals/Keyboards/Violin - Garett Gazay

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With "Sunrise" and "Winter", the two tracks currently on offer at the band's website, Secrets of the Sky have crafted a keyboard-enhanced death march that treads the muddy (bloody) terrain between doomy old-school tones of terror and an Isis-style climb toward their higher selves. Both songs shamble along at the speed of a slasher film anti-hero, all stiff shuffle and heavy breathing until your foot snags a fallen tree branch and the fucker jams a scythe into your skull. Wanton heaviness stalks around every corner, but there's enough space in the mix to enjoy every clean, oozing melody and time-warping tempo stunt. The number of vocal approaches embraced in just 17 minutes is dazzling -- from whispered warnings to grunted roars, from clear-throated singing to tongue-scorching screeches, every voice has its place and serves its purpose successfully. Compositionally rich and sonically devastating, Secrets of the Sky have served up a tantalizing introduction to a successful sound that will hopefully blossom into wide and well-deserved recognition.

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