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Septic Flesh

Septic Flesh
Hometown: Athens, Greece Current Label: Season of Mist Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Seth Siro Anton - Bass & Vocals
Christos Antoniou - Guitars/Orchestral
Sotiris Anunnaki V. - Guitars/Clean Vocals
Fotis Benardo - Drums

Septic Flesh Bio:

Formed in March 1990, SEPTIC FLESH released their first Mini Lp "Temple of the Lost Race" in December 1991. Its tracks have been reprinted in June 2002 as a bonus on a digipack re-edition of their first album "Mystic Places of Dawn". A 3 songs promotape including two titles of this Mini Lp and the title “Morpheus (The Dreamlord)” enabled them to sign a contract with Holy records.

They recorded their first album "Mystic Places of Dawn" in April 1994 at the Storm studio with Magus Wampyr Daoloth as Co-producer. The song “Return to Carthage” then appeared on the Nuclear Blast compilation "Death Is Only The Beginning III". One year later, in June 1995, they released "Esoptron" which was to be followed by "Ophidian Wheel" in May 1997. To record it, they chose the Praxis studio and Lambros Sfyris as Co-producer."A Fallen Temple" which was released in March 1998, was also recorded there, with L.Sfyris.

The recruiting of Natalie Rassoulis and the neo-classical influences gave the band's new songs a more theatrical and technical dimension. SEPTIC FLESH then shot its first video for "The Eldest Cosmonaut" which was released in September 1998 in a special packaging including a video tape and a Cd composed of 4 new tracks .

The successful "Temple of Humiliations" tour (with Natron and Misanthrope) brought to the band a true popularity. In June 1999 they invested the Fredman studios where they began to record "Revolution DNA" with Fredrik Nordstrom as producer. The album was launched in October 1999 and presented an innovative musical style. Trying to boost its career the band worked with "Harvest management" in order to find a new record company.

SEPTIC FLESH signs on Hammerheart records at at the end of 2001 and turns over in summer 2002 to the Fredman studios to record Sumerian Daemons which will leave at the end of this same year. This album joins again with the past and is a sumptuous mixture of all the facets of SEPTIC FLESH.

In April of 2007 Chris , Spiros , Sotiris and Fotis began to work on their 6th,still untitled album for the "Seasons Of Mist" record company .

The legend says that a mythical creature named phoenix could reborn from its ashes. It is also said that those who carry the spirit of "burning phoenix" are unstoppable, even by the flames of an "infernal sun", as they possess the "ophidian will" to carry on, beyond all obstacles. But enough with cryptic talks and hints... Let it be known that legendary SEPTIC FLESH have returned! Greek daemons Seth, Chris Antoniou, Sotiris V. and Fotis Benardo are back as they decided that besides their experimentation with different projects and musical paths, the path of the Flesh was not completely explored. And they have more nightmares to share...

SEPTIC FLESH recorded their sixth full length album for "Season of Mist". The yet untitled album was to contain all the elements that made the sound of SEPTIC FLESH so unique: pale, strange guitar melodies, brutal and sharp riffing, the devil behind the mic, and of course the neoclassical arrangements that are Chris Antoniou's trademark.

To get that result, Chris the "gothic maestro" tortured a full orchestra and a choir respectively composed of 80 musicians and 32 singers! The rest of the album was recorded and mixed in what has become the temple of their past two musical rituals. Yes, once again they chose to invade the famous Fredman studios, with Fredrik Nordstrom.

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