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Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia Current Label: 7Bros. Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Lajon Witherspoon (lead vocals)
Clint Lowery (guitar, vocals)
Morgan Rose (drums, vocals)
John Connolly (guitar, vocals)
Vince Hornsby (bass)

Sevendust Bio:

Despite it’s unconventional creation, the new record, Cold Day Memory is a cohesive return to form that restores everything Sevendust pioneered and excelled at in the late ‘90s with the writing and playing chops the members have developed since then. In summary, this record is inventive, immediate and infectious.

“We wanted to change the template completely from what we did with our last album Hope and Sorrow, Rose explains. “We were going, ‘Let’s bring back those other elements Clint brought in that made us what we were. So we sort of made a silent agreement that we were going to let Clint run wild. We said we’ll jump in when it’s time, but if you’ve got an idea let’s go with it.”

With Lowery as a major contributor, Sevendust released four albums that stretched the limits of hard rock and metal, combining elements of thrash, classic metal, southern rock and soul into songs that were both sinfully tuneful and ruthlessly aggressive. Then in 2003, after the release of Seasons, the guitarist quit to focus on his other band Dark New Day. Sevendust continued for three more albums, and enjoyed considerable success, but something was clearly missing. So, when the band reunited with Lowery in early 2008, it was like the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle was finally reinserted and the picture was again complete.

“I just wanted us to do what we do best,” Lowery says. “We have a lot of melody that’s a cool contrast to the heavy music that we play. So, you’ll have a melodic chorus that comes out of nowhere, but we still have aggressive vocals there. And I did a lot with the harmonies, but I also did a lot of the heavy vocal stuff as well. So it was a challenge for me to really dig in and find a voice that was aggressive enough to where it sounded sincere enough to put on the record. We’re a very heavy, but melodic band and I wanted to maintain that.”

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  1. Chad Montagna6/8/2012 11:50 AM | Permalink

    Hey I am not sure who will get this but I have been a huge Sevendust fan since the 90s. I even have some of the lyrics to “Live Again” tattooed on my arm. Anyway I had gotten a Sevendust hat at one of the shows here in Iowa about 10 years ago and I wore it all the time. I am always wearing a hat. My friends are always giving me shit about wearing the same old Sevendust hat. But unfortunetly i washed it in the laundry machine and it got all tore up. Is there anywhere I can order a new one? I looked on your homepage, ebay, and all over the web. I would be in debt to you guys for life!! Thanks Chad

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