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Severe Torture

Severe Torture
Hometown: Boxtel, Holland Current Label: Season of Mist Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Dennis - Vocals
Seth - Drums
Patrick - Bass
Marvin - Guitars
Thijs - Guitars

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Hailing from Holland, SEVERE TORTURE is a bloodthirsty death metal band since 1997. Except the addition of a second guitar player in 2003, there were no line-up changes since their first album ‘Feasting on Blood’ in 2000. After the release of their sophomore album ‘Misanthropic Carnage’ in 2002 SEVERE TORTURE got signed on Earache Records. With numerous tours & shows throughout Europe, North America and South America they’ve gained a monstrous live reputation. After releasing ‘Fall of the Despised’ in 2005 and ‘Sworn Vengeance’ in 2007 SEVERE TORTURE is currently working on their 5th 'yet untitled' album which will set a new standard for high quality death metal…...

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