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Hometown: Terre Haute, Indiana Current Label: Imminence Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Joey Fenoglio - Vocals / Mixing / Mastering
Jordan Caylor - Guitar / Clean Vocals
Jordan Thralls - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Zakk Huff - Percussion / Electronics / Clean Vocals
Logan Pollaro - Bass / Backing Vocals

Sirens Bio:

In a period where the majority of bands seem to limit themselves to one sound or genre, Sirens stands out as a group which is nearly impossible to label. The band, which consists of guitarists Jordan Caylor and Jordan Thralls, bassist Logan Pollaro, vocalist and mixing engineer Joey Fenoglio, and electronic composer and percussionist Zakk Huff, seamlessly weave between a unique blend of sounds. Rooted in progressive metal, drum and bass, and ambient soundscape, Sirens is heavy, agressive, syncopated, digital, self-reflective, atmospheric, and experimental. Between crushingly heavy dubstep, thunderous breakbeat, and intricate metal, Sirens will take their listeners on an unforgettable journey through a world of sound and expression, driven by rich, classical harmony, and jarring rhythms.

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