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Sons Of Aeon

Sons Of Aeon
Hometown: Jyväskylä, Finland Current Label: Lifeforce Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Tony Kaikkonen – vocals
Tapio Vartiainen – guitar
Wille Naukkarinen – guitar
Tommi Kiviniemi – bass
Pasi Pasanen – drums

Sons Of Aeon Bio:

Sons Of Aeon was born from a need. A need to experience and play the style of metal that the members have loved since their early teens but didn’t have the opportunity or the right group of people to do it with until now.

SoA is a group of five friends who share a passion for music and have a very solid view on how they want to express themselves through it. When the band was formed in the end of 2009, it was obvious that this group wanted to have their metal with punk and rock ‘n roll influences; dirty jeans instead of silly haircuts and raw spirit instead of practiced moves. There is always a strong DIY-approach on how things are done in the SoA-camp.

The three demo songs you can find on the band’s website for free download were recorded and produced by the band members themselves, staying true to the attitude that a band should always sound like they sound live. Modern technology is a usable tool but these boys rather use it to some other purposes than moving single kick drum hits back and forth or such foolness that kills the spirit of metal too often these days. Sons Of Aeon is rock ‘n roll instead of mathematics.

The band is looking forward to start playing shows in the summer of 2011 and despite the fact that the band is quite young, these guys have a long background releasing albums and are very experienced live performers as well with altogether well over 1000 played shows under their belts in bands such as GHOST BRIGADE, SWALLOW THE SUN, CODE FOR SILENCE and ENDSTAND among others. Currently Sons Of Aeon is busy writing their debut album to be released in early 2012 on Lifeforce Records and no, this is not a project band.

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