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Hometown: England Current Label: Agonia Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Barghest - Vocals & Bass
Invictus - Rhythm Guitars

Spearhead Bio:

Founded in the year of 2005, Spearhead recorded their debut offering “Deathless Steel Command” in mid-2005, an assault of belligerent chaos and hatred, released through Invictus Productions in 2006.

Following the 2006 promo EP “When the Pillars Fall”, Spearhead entered Hertz Studio (Hate, Vader, etc) to record the second full-length, the highly-acclaimed “Decrowning the Irenarch”, in the Summer of 2007 (again released under the blood-soaked banner of Invictus Productions, in Dec 2007) - a monument of imperious, martial death metal war, testifying to the eternal truths of the warrior tradition.

The intervening years saw Spearhead destroy stages on the 2008 European tour with Impiety, and the 2009 US tour with Urgehal, amid subjecting various other European festivals and gigs to their live onslaughts.

2011 will see the next stage of the Spearhead campaign, the emergence of the third album....'T H E O MA C H I A (The Doctrine of Ascension and Decline)'.

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