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Hometown: Paris, France Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: kl.K. (aka Krig) - Drums/Vocals
HtH Guitar, Bass

Spektr Bio:

This should not be seen as a gathering of two humans playing music, for it doesn't simply stand for "music" but a real
Communication between an incarnated being and vibrations coming from a non-manifested paradigma where the Essence of what
has suffered thousands of incarnations and names wanders eternally through the halls of it's last breath.

Neither time and its shadow called "history", nor Space within its materialism, together generating the burden of such a biased
"reality", do make any sense any longer...

Nothing but a pure Vortex of negative thoughts and disease with the incessant roaring streams of pain are casted from what "he"
perceives from the whole Universe, for the Universe became His own mirror.

The role played by those two receivers that are Kl.K and Hth was simply to decorporate; to avoid any conceptualized reality and
set the intellectualization aside to get straight to the source of pure Resentment.

...words are concepts, as labels sticked to an original feeling for mankind to settle the borders of it's sarcastic condition, as if
Infinity couldn't be felt nor even conceived without appealing the insanity of the un-defined...

THIS IS SPEKTR - and there it's not conception but pure depths of introspection.

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