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Hometown: Toronto, CA Current Label: Sumerian Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Spyros Georgiou-Guitar, Andrew McEnaney-Drums, Brendon Padjasek-Guitar/Vocals

Structures Bio:

STRUCTURES is a five piece progressive/hardcore band hailing from Toronto, Ontario. Having formed in early 2009, the band constantly evolved over the past few years through relentless touring, always thriving to push their songwriting to that next level. They are a group of five talented musicians who constantly strive to create ground breaking, earth shattering technical, melodic hardcore-metal. Right from their start they quickly turned a lot of heads in the Canadian scene and this buzz soon started spreading throughout the U.S.

STRUCTURES will surely be one of the next breakout metal bands.The music they deliver demonstrates their diversity as a band as they shatter the listener's psyche with pure aggression, but don't be fooled, as they may also appear to slow time through their surprisingly strong melodies. STRUCTURES maintains a strong work ethic combined with a positive outlook on the music industry, including a strong focus on maintaining a highly energetic live performance leaving memorable impressions. STRUCTURES will conquer all!

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