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Tangled in Ruin

Tangled in Ruin
Band Members: Pierce - Bass,
Buzzy - Vocals/Guitar,
Richard - Guitar,
Phil - Drums

Tangled in Ruin Bio:

Formed out of the ashes of previous metal bands and several years of hard work, Tangled in Ruin was born. Formed in October, 2005. Tangled in Ruin has Quickly become one of Arkansas most respected, and Influential bands. Garnering several headlines and becoming one of the most brutal metal bands locally. Tangled in Ruin is a force to be reckoned with, blending Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash, and a little progressive to make a sound all their own. Tangled in Ruin started in a little town of Mcrae Arkansas. A little town in central Arkansas. A town where the only thing to do is get drunk and go to shindigs. Not much going on besides the normal shit. Tangled in Ruin opted to change that, opening a new level of local entertainment. Fast becoming a local favorite, earning respect in the local area. Soon Tangled in Ruin would branch out of their local area to take their new breed of metal to all over Arkansas, and supporting some of Arkansas finest metal acts. Now Tangled in Ruin are on the top list of metal bands in Arkansas, earning top slots in venues across Arkansas. A band that cares about metal, and making friends all over the state. Early 2006, Tangled in Ruin releases a self titled, self-produced demo with 4 songs. Shitty, not so perfect songs, just to give the locals and abroad something to give their friends and something to listen to. Soon word was out about Tangled in Ruin. It was a start of their legacy. a Foot In The Door so to speak. Soon the local scene started showing up and hanging out, almost on a regular basis. April, 2007. lots of shows, and several months later, Tangled in Ruin book a real studio. Blue Chair Studio, Austin, Arkansas. After a month of hard work, Tangled in Ruin releases their first full length album. Produced by Tangled in Ruin and the Blue Chair crew. Tangled in Ruin finally had an album to stand behind their name. A killer album featuring a couple of songs of their previous demo with several new songs, an awsome addition to their hard work and persistance. September 2007, Tangled in Ruin releases a live DVD with Metalpress TV. Metalpress TV is a mobile metal assault unit, sporting HD cameras and a killer crew that care about metal and not only shoot local bands, but also shoot professional bands as well. They have interviewed Otep, shot video with Hurtlocker as well as others. It was a killer shoot and fun. Tangled in Ruin have been together for 2 years, and have worked hard to give their fans the best they can offer.

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