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Hometown: Hyvinkää, Finland Current Label: NoiseArt Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Michele Luppi - Vocals
Emil Pohjalainen - Lead guitars
Lasse Nyman - Guitars
Vili Ollila - Keyboards & Piano
Pasi Tanskanen - Bass
Joonas Pykälä-aho - Drums

Thaurorod Bio:

Thaurorod is a melodic heavy metal band from Hyvinkää, Finland. The band was found in 2002. The band name is in Quenya, a fictional language spoken by elves in J.R.R. Tolkien's books, and it means "Evil Mountain". Thaurorod has 3 cds released. The latest release being `Morning Lake`. During last few years their music has developed into more epic and symphonic direction as a result of new songs and some new elements like keyboards and a vocalist with a unique voice. On stage Thaurorod gives its audience a theatrical and spectacular show full of energy and of course the great songs where melody is on the place of a king.


It was spring 2002 when a trio formed by Pasi, Joonas and Emil stepped into the same room to play together for the first time ever. They had some sort of Iron Maiden cover band going on and the first gig was played in the summer of 2002 at Lampirock in Jokela. The band was hastily named Freedom at the time. After the gig it was time to work on some of their own songs and the band needed a vocalist and a second guitar player.

There had been a lot of different guitarists and vocalists in the band, but the first long-standing line-up was formed as Petra Lehtimäki stepped into the vocalist's position in February 2004. The first demo was recorded in October. In the beginning of 2005 second guitarist, Tommi Ahtila, joined the band and Thaurorod headed for live stages during the spring and summer. In early autumn of 2005 the dark clouds were gathering in the sky and the line-up of Thaurorod was to change once more. Petra Lehtimäki had to leave the band due to personal issues and later that same autumn also Tommi Ahtila informed that he too was leaving the band.

Thaurorod immediately started to look for new members to replace the ones now missing. A new guitarist, Jani Vesanen, joined Thaurorod in November. At the same time the band was scanning for possible vocalists and one of them shone brighter than the others. He was gorgeous-voiced Vladimir Lumi whose personal and strong sound was exactly what the music of Thaurorod needed. A short while later still, a keyboardist Emmi Taipale joined the band. Having keyboards echo more often in the music did remarkably renew the sound of the band.

In early 2006 Thaurorod focused in rehearsing with the member set-up and by March the band was finally looking good. The new Thaurorod did their first gig in Cantina Rosita in Hyvinkää. It was a great success and it was decided that the band would compete in the Helsinki band competition "Aani ja Vimma". Among 192 bands they were one of the 14 who made it to the finals. Due to stress and sickness the band was quite disappointed with their performance in the finals, though the audience were loving and great. Failing to win did not stop them from continuing however, which they did by recording their second demo, or promo, in Studiowatercastle, Jyväskylä. The 3-song cd titled: "Tales of the End" was a success with all members of the band, as well as listeners from all over the country and beyond. The next release came out on April 2007. Even the band itself did consider this new `Morning Lake` a lot stronger release than `Tales of the End` it still was a surprise that so many people seemed to love it. `Morning Lake` has been sold all over the world for the individual buyers and for example two record shops in Tokyo are now selling the cd's of Thaurorod.

Thaurorod recruited a new singer Markku Kuikka in the beginning of 2008. Markku is also known from band Status Minor. At the moment Thaurorod is recording their debut album which will be released on 24th September 2010. The album will be titled "Upon The Haunted Battlefields" and it will be released through Noiseart records.

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