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The Juliet Massacre

The Juliet Massacre
Hometown: Vasto, Italy Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Vox : Antonio "Antomega", Vox : Alessandro "Alex Gore", Guitar : Claudio "The Killer", Guitar : Sabatino "Sab", Bass : Luchino "Jubbino", Drums : Andrea "Pelle"

The Juliet Massacre Bio:

The Juliet Massacre formed in April 2006. The singer, the two guitarists and the drummer were part of another band from the Italian underground scene: the "Lost in Autumn", a post-core band with melodic deployments. After some fine concerts from 2003 to 2005 in the South and Middle of Italy, "Lost in Autumn" splitted up because of various misunderstandings.
After different music projects, the four met again in April 2006 to share once more their musical passion.They started studying some covers and then went on composing new songs. Their songwriting was influenced, in a consisting measure, by bands from the American And European old and new school death/slam/core scenes (Decapitated, Devourment, Abominable Putridity, Dying Fetus, Behemoth, Deicide, Job For A Cowboy, As Blood Runs Black, Despised Icon...).
In May 2007, everything was ready for the recording session of the first homonym Ep: an intro and four enraged songs.
A live in their town took place soon before entering the studio: great responses from the audience, who had come there from all the region.
In June the band locked in the Hombre Lobo Studios in Rome, to record "The Juliet Massacre Ep". March 2008 was the month to record their first single "Bleeding The Black Blood": 4 new tracks included the most played tunes Beneath The Wounds Of A Junkie that will be covered on youtube by their devoted fans (as well as Suffocating In A Cage from their first EP).
The live activity was intense and the first label (Life Burns Record from the UK) was ready to sign this underground phenomenon. Another label (Hellbent Records from the UK) got the rights to release one song (Human Frailty Under A Natural Strangulation) in a compilation with the best underground bands. Two full UK tour and one full EURO tour were planned, but a lot of disputes with their label were the reasons about the crossing-out of their contract and tours.
After some lineup changes and the entry in the band of a second vocalist, in July 2010 everything was ready to enter in the studio again to record their first higly anticipated album "Pray For An Afterlife". The 16th Cellar Studio in Rome was chosen: it's the same studio used by awesome band such as Hour Of Penance (Unique Leader/Prosthetic) and Fleshgod Apocalypse (Nuclear Blast).
In August 2010 they made their first official video, directed by Salvatore Perrone (the same video maker of Underoath, Suicide Silence, Emmure, Devildriver, Evergreen Terrace, Bring Me The Horizon, Bury Your Dead...) and it is available as exclusive premiere on the famous music site BlankTv (now it has reached 600'000+ views) as well as their second and third official videos "Funeral Guttural Dance" and "Lifeless Face".
The success of the first album brought the band to sing with the Ukrainian record label "HeadXplode Records" and to an intense live activity, culminating with the headline gig at "Fulnek FreeDays Fest 2013" in Cech Republic and the "Brutal As Fuck European Tour 2013" in the August 2013, 13 gigs over 8 countries with a special one at the "Days Of Fury Fest" in Denmark.
The 2014 is the year of their second full lenght (currently in the recording process) and new videos that will kick more asses than the past years.
The Juliet Massacre have been showcasing their brutal sound live through italian and european tours/gigs and supports which include, Origin (USA), Vader (POL), Spasm (CZ), Martyr Defiled (UK), Liferuiner (USA) and the best italian and european underground death/slam/core acts.
Live and online appreciation (try to put their name on google and youtube), make The Juliet Massacre one of the new important realities of European death metal scene

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