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Hometown: Sogndal, Norway Current Label: Indie Recordings Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: HVÁLL- Bass
STURE - Vocals/Guitar
STROM - Guitar

Vreid Bio:

Vreid arose from the demise of the legendary Windir. Their 2 first albums "Kraft" & "Pitch Black brigade" was released on Tabu Recordings in 2004 & 2006. The albums were critical acclaimed, and through excessive touring Vreid became a well know act within the extreme metal scene. In this period Vreid did 3 tours with their fellow Norsemen Enslaved, and played festivals such as Wacken & Inferno.

In 2007 they took a major step forward with the album "I krig . Once again working with the guys that signed Vreid in the first place, but now on their new Norwegian label Indie Recordings. This album was based on a poetry collection by Norwegian resistance fighter Gunnar-Reiss Andersen. The theme of the album was Norwegian resistance during WW2. Musically Vreid expanded their sound by incorporating a lot of elements from Norwegian folk music, and classic rock from the 70ths, like Alice Cooper, The Stooges, Black Sabbath & Motorhead, but still very much keeping their Norwegian metal roots. "Their music was dubbed as "Black & Roll". The album got raving reviews, sales were increasing and Vreid continued doing a lot of shows. By 2007 Vreid had done over 100 shows in 18 countries including a first ever show in the US. Late 2007 they did a very successful European tour with Metal veterans Marduk & Unleashed.

Hváll started writing on their 4th album during the autumn of 2007. The pre-prods were done during the winter, and on the Norwegian day of liberation May the 8th, they started the recordings of their new album MILORG. Drums were recorded at Subsonic Studio, while the rest of the album was recorded & mixed at Hváll's own Studio 1184. The album is entirely produced by the band themselves, while the mastering was done at Studio 210 in Berlin. The production is bigger and warmer, just as the music itself has expanded to an inferno of extreme metal. The band sounds a lot more mature & atmospheric, yet more raw and powerful with this album. Milorg will for sure be a milestone in Norwegian metal for this decade. Vreid has continued their historical based lyrics. The album is named after the WW2 Norwegian resistance group MILORG ( MILitarry ORGanization) and is a salute to their work. The artwork is once again done by PC Groove, and is nothing less than breathtaking. Vreid are currently working on setting up tours and festivals for 2009, and it seems that it will be the most active year for Vreid so far. The new album was presented for the music press, industry & fans at Popkomm in Berlin & and CMJ in New York in October.

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