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Hometown: Hagerstown, MD Current Label: Peaceville Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Hellhammer of Mayhem, John Litchko, Grant Richardson

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Through 18 years of existence, T.O.M.B. (Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy) has created a multitude of horrific, spell-binding sound structures across 13 different releases including compilations, splits, EPs and LPs. During that time, the project has devoted itself to developing material with an essence directly derived from areas and elements associated with death, paranormal activity and occult practices.

Formed in 1998 and inspired by projects such as Abruptum, Havohej, Samael, Sunno))) and Wardruna, T.O.M.B. members No-One, B. Zimimay and Samantha Viola (the trio also notable as King Dude-signed act Dreadlords) orchestrated their latest recordings into 13 hypnotic and malicious tracks, resulting in a ritualistic album outside of the boundaries of contemporary ambient, doom, industrial, noise or traditional black metal music. When creating these field recording soundscapes, certain necromantic instrumentation was used: human and animal bone, cemetery crypt doors, tombstones and coffins, and audio EVP equipment.

Key musicians contributing their craft throughout Fury Nocturnus are legendary drummer Hellhammer of Mayhem, shaman doom guitarist John Litchko of Goreaphobia/Necrotion and the mighty death industrial noise artist Grant Richardson from the project GNAWED, along with famous sound engineer Alan Douches of West Westside studios in New York. Artwork for Fury Nocturnus appears courtesy of Watain's Erik Danielsson.

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