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Turbid North

Turbid North
Hometown: ft worth, tx Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Brian 'Murder' McCoy - Vocals
Nick 'Savage' Forkel - Guitars, Vocals
Alex 'Owl Witch' Rydlinski - Guitars,
Chris 'Imported Goods' O'Toole - Bass
John "Jono" Garrett - Drums

Turbid North Bio:

Turbid North is a DIY band. In addition to booking shows and tours, we make our own recordings and artwork, to the absolute best of our ability with the highest possible quality we can achieve. In 2007 we were a four piece band from North Pole, Alaska, that moved to Fort Worth—far away from any friends and family—determined to play music exclusively. Now, after three incredibly trying years, Turbid North has three remaining Alaskan members, a singer from Texas, a bassist from England, and a very solid album to tour with. We write music that’s meaningful to us, musically and lyrically. Our latest effort “Orogeny” features several chilling stories of human survival in the harsh, arctic land, set to inspired death metal music. The songs also explore our love of other forms of metal, as well as our collective interest in many other styles of music. We’re eager and hungry to stay out on the road and share our unique brand of “Alaskan Mountain Metal” with the rest of the world.

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