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Hometown: Phoenix, AZ Current Label: Metal Blade Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Nathan Gearheart, vocals
Bjorn Dannov, guitar
Mark Kozuback, bass
Andy Schroeder, drums
Jake Green, guitar

Vehemence Bio:

Vehemence is a death metal band from Phoenix, Arizona. They formed in 1997 and released their first demo cassette in 1998. Their debut album, The Thoughts From Which I Hide, was self-released in 2000. They debuted on Metal Blade Records in 2002 with God Was Created, and released their final album, Helping The World To See, in 2004.

Long-time vocalist Nathan Gearheart left the line-up in early 2005 due to personal issues, and by the end of 2005 three of the remaining four members of Vehemence went on to form the first live incarnation of Abigail Williams (Candlelight Records).

In late 2007 they reformed again, this time with Kyle Moeller replacing John Chavez on guitar. In November 2007 the band released a new song on their MySpace page, "There Are So Many Reasons To Give Up Religion." Progress for the band has been slow, since many of the members are involved in other projects. Kyle left the band early 2010 soon to be replaced by Jake Green (Nervosia). The band is currently working on new musical material.

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