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Vesperian Sorrow

Vesperian Sorrow
Hometown: Austin, TX Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Donni - Vocals
Kristoph - Drums
William - Guitars
JZD - Guitars
Subverseraph - Keyboards
Justin - Bass

Vesperian Sorrow Bio:

Considered the premiere symphonic dark metal band in North America, Vesperian Sorrow's music evokes the darkest depths of searing human tragedy juxtaposed with soaring heights of orchestrated, symphonic melody.

Their undeniable songwriting and passion sets them apart in their genre. In addition to two full-length albums released by Holland's Displeased Records, Vesperian Sorrow has been featured on four compilation albums as well, including Metalblade's "Blackend V". Their latest and third offering, "Regenesis Creation", has been self-released on their own label. The VS boys are currently working on material for their upcoming fourth full-length release!

Since their inception in 1998, they have toured Europe, and North America playing shows and festivals in Germany, Czech Republic, England, Canada, Mexico, and most of the states in the US. Carrying the Texas banner with pride, VS are a band well respected throughout the entire metal community!

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