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Vision Of Disorder

Vision Of Disorder
Hometown: Long Island, New York Current Label: Candlelight Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Tim Williams
Matt Baumbach
Mike Kennedy
Mike Fleischmann
Brendon Cohen

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Vision of Disorder was a hardcore / thrash metal band from Long Island, New York, USA. The band's frenetic and socially aware amalgam of hardcore and thrash metal gained the band a strong underground following before their demise in 2002.
Guitarists Matt Baumbach and Mike Kennedy formed the band in 1992 with vocalist/lyricist Tim Williams, drummer Brendon Cohen, and bassist Mike Fleischmann. Fleischmann left the band and VOD opted to perform during this fledgling period without a bass player.
Bassist Fleischmann returned the fold and the quintet went on to release a series of demos and songs on compilations before VOD released their seminal 7" record, Still (released on Striving for Togetherness Records) in 1996. This album includes the original versions of the songs Through My Eyes and D.T.O.
The Still EP attracted a strong underground following, particularly within the Long Island's hardcore community. This was sufficient to earn the band a major label record deal. VOD's self titled debut was released in 1996, on Roadrunner Records' subsidiary label, Supersoul). It was lauded by many old school hardcore aficionados for its mixture of innovative sounds built on traditional hardcore roots.
The album Imprint (released on Roadrunner Records), followed the band's self titled two years later. This album received ambivalent reviews: many old VOD fans disliked their new creative direction, whereas many of the fans that Imprint had attracted appreciated the band's seemingly innovative sound. Imprint created a permanent rift between Vision of Disorder and some longtime fans who couldn't get past the band's mutated sound and the "raw" production values that their major label sophomore record boasted.
After touring in support of Imprint, Vision of Disorder became relatively inconspicuous within the heavy music spectrum. However, they eventually returned to the public eye, divested of Roadrunner Records and announced their plans to release For the Bleeders, a compendium of 9 demo songs that VOD re recorded specifically for this record. For the Bleeders was released in 1999 on independent label, Go Kart Records.
Staying true with their desire to explore what they were capable of musically, Vision of Disorder released the southern rock influenced album, From Bliss To Devastation, released on TVT Records in 2001. Using their own signature musical ingredients in conjunction with musical elements reminiscent of Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, The band's TVT album debut was ultimately a commercial failure. The fans' reception was lukewarm as the old fans who withstood Vision of Disorder's approach with Imprint were even less impressed with this effort, and the fans who were introduced to VOD through their sophomore record were indifferent towards FBTD's new and uncharacteristic sound.
Apparently frustrated by a lack of record company support from both Roadrunner and TVT Records, Vision of Disorder went on an extended hiatus in 2002, and eventually disbanded, as singer Williams and guitarist Kennedy formed the touring and recording metalcore band bloodsimple.
VOD reunited ephemerally in order to play a 3 song "mini set" during a September 24th show with the bands bloodsimple. and Karnov (drummer Brendon Cohen and bassist Mike Fleischmann's current musical ensemble). The response to the set was positive enough for the band to play a full reunion set at 2006's Superbowl Of Hardcore in Manhattan. Due to even more positive response, the band is rumored to be planning a final reunion tour for sometime between 2006 and 2007.

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