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Hometown: Karlstad, Sweden Current Label: Metal Blade Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Tobias Gustafsson- drums
Urban Gustafsson- guitars
Peter Östlund- guitars
Erik Rundqvist- vocals, bass

Vomitory Bio:

Vomitory was formed already back in 1989, drawing inspiration from back-then giants such as Sodom, Napalm Death, Venom and Slayer. 20 years might have passed since that day but Vomitory's still a well-oiled murder machine with numerous blasting and dominating death metal albums in their back catalogue. Recording after recording they have constanty improved and enhanced their unique death metal formula, always looking and thinking forward instead of backwards. Coz a unique formula it is. Incorporating the infamous d-beat like no one else into a mix of fantastically grooving blastness and brutality is the core of Vomitory's sound. And it is a sound I have grown to love with all of my heart over the years.

I would lie if I said I was always a fan of Vomitory coz I was not. While debut album "Raped in their own blood" (1996) and follow up "Redemption" (1999) shows a death metal act in the making it wasn't up until much later that I started to understand the brilliance that is Vomitory. This happened when they switched label from Fadeless Records to Metal Blade Records and released "Revelation Nausea" in 2000. Things started to fall into place with me and when "Blood Rapture" (2002), the fantastic "Primal Massacre" (2004) and sonic monster "Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize" (2007) surfaced I was not only hooked on Vomitory's sound like fire was to Norwegian churches in the 90's - I was a die hard fan of the band and since then I have constantly claimed that Vomitory's is one of the most underrated death metal acts in the world as well as one of my absolute fave bands.

Sure, some members have changed over the years and the usual bumps in the road have been present as well - but still you can see Vomitory right up there with the best of them. And if you need more proof of this - brand new album "Carnage Euphoria" (2009) is the testimony to all things death metal.

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